Welcome to Nanophotonic Systems Laboratory

Our group focuses on the design and development of novel photonic devices of extraordinary functionality by controlling optical, mechanical and electrical property of the device based on nanophotonics, nano-fabrication technology, and material science. Especially with ultra-high-Q micro/ nano-cavities, the key element to manipulate photons and their interaction with matter, our aim is to develop essential photonic devices on a monolithic chip having proper interfaces as a core part of next generation photonic systems such as time & frequency precision, high capacity optical telecommunications, and quantum & photon computations.    


Positions are available for postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, and undergraduate students interested in nano-photonics, nano-fabrications, non-linear optics, quantum optics, and bio-photonics. Please contact Hansuek (hansuek@kaist.ac.kr) with your CV.

We are finding URP students for the small projects which can be potentially published in journal paper. 


- Seokjoo Go and Minsung Kim have join the lab in the fall semester of 2023.