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50. Hyeon Hwang, Mohamad Reza Nurrahman, Hyungjun Heo, Kiyoung Ko, Kiwon Moon, Jung Jin Ju, Sang-Wook Han, Hojoong Jung, Hansuek Lee, Min-Kyo Seo

     “Hyperband electro-optic modulator based on a two-pulley coupled lithium niobate racetrack resonator

      Optics Letters 49 658 (2024)

49. Hui Yang, Changmin Ahn, Igju Jeon, Daewon Suk, Hansuek Lee, Jungwon Kim

     “Synchronization of a Silica Microcomb to a Mode-locked Laser with a Fractional Optoelectronic Phase-locked Loop

      Current Optics and Photonics 7 557 (2023)

48. Joonhyuk Hwang*, Soobong Park*, Kiyoung Ko, Daewon Suk, Yong-Hee Lee, Duk-Yong Choi, Fabian Rotermund, Kwang-Hoon Ko, Hansuek Lee

     “Quantitative gas pressure measurement by molecular spectroscopy using chip-based supercontinuum in the mid-infrared

      Optics Express 31 35624 (2023)

47. In Hwan Do, Daewon Suk, Dongin Jeong, Seokjoo Go, Kiyoung Ko, Hyun-Gue Hong, Dai-Hyuk Yu, Jae Hoon Lee, Hansuek Lee

     “Spontaneous soliton mode-locking of a microcomb assisted by Raman scattering

      Optics Express 31 29321 (2023)

46. Hyeon Hwang, Hyungjun Heo, Kiyoung Ko, Mohamad Reza Nurrahman, Kiwon Moon, Jung Jin Ju, Sang-Wook Han, Hojoong Jung, Hansuek Lee, Min-Kyo Seo

     “Electro-optic control of the external coupling strength of a high-quality-factor lithium niobate micro-resonator

      Optics Letters 47 6149 (2022)

45. Meungho Seo, Inhwan Do, Hansuek Lee, Dai-Hyuk Yu, Sangwon Seo, Hyun-Gue Hong, Jungho Han, Sang Eon Park, Sang-Bum Lee, Taekyong Kwon, Jongchul Mun, Jae Hoon Lee

     “Moving-frame imaging of transitiing cold atoms for precise inter-chamber trasport

      Optics Express 30 25707 (2022)

44. Si-Hoon Kim, Gyeong-Seok Hwang, Donghwan Koo, Dong-Hyun Seo, Ye-Pil Kwon, Hansuek Lee, Hyesung Park, Eun-chae Jeon, Ju-Young Kim

     “Highly impermeable and flexible silica encapsulation films synthesized by sol-gel process

      Nano Research 15 7476 (2022)

43. Dohyeon Kwon*, Dongin Jeong*, Igju Jeon, Hansuek Lee, Jungwon Kim

     “Ultrastable microwave generation from ultracompact fibre-photonic-stabilized microcombs”

      Nature Communications 13 381 (2022)

42. Dohyeong Kim*, Sangyoon Han*, Dae-gon Kim, Kiyoung Ko, Duk-Yong Choi, Hansuek Lee      

     “Two-points coupling method to independently control coupling efficiency at arbitrary wavelengths”

       Optics Letters 47 106 (2021)

41. Zijiao Yang, Mandana Jahanbozorgi, Dongin Jeong, Shuman Sun, Olivier Pfister, Hansuek Lee, Xu Yi

     “A squeezed quantum microcomb on a chip”

      Nature Communications 12 4781 (2021)

40. Joonhyuk Hwang, Dae-gon Kim, Sangyoon Han, Dongin Jeong, Yong-Hee Lee, Duk-Yong Choi, Hansuek Lee

     “Octave-spanning supercontinuum generation in thermally deposited As2S3 waveguide on wet-etched SiO2 structure”

      Optics Letters 46 2413 (2021)

      Highlighted as Editor's Pick

39. Dongin Jeong, Dae-Gon Kim, In Hwan Do, Hansuek Lee

     “Hydrophobic passivation of ultra-high-Q silica wedge resonators using hexamethyldisilzane,"

      Optics Letters 46 2019 (2021)

38. In Hwan Do, Doheong, Kim, Dongin Jeong, Daewon Suk, Dohyeon Kwon, Jungwon Kim, Jae Hoon Lee, Hansuek Lee

     “Self-stabilized soliton generation in a microresonator through mode-pulled Brillouin lasing”

      Optics Letters 46 1772 (2021)

      Highlighted as Editor's Pick

37. Dae-Gon Kim*, Sangyoon Han*, Joonhyuk Hwang, In Hwan Do, Dongin Jeong, Ji-Hun Lim, Yong-Hoon Lee, Muhan Choi, Yong-Hee Lee, Duk-Yung Choi, Hansuek Lee

     “Universal light-guiding geometry for on-chip resonators having extremely high Q-factor”

      Nature Communications 11 5933 (2020)

      arXiv version   arXiv 1909.13594 (2019)

36. Daehyeok Ahn, Dae-Gon Kim, Hansuek Lee, Dongchan Jang 

     “MEMS-based in-situ tensile experiments designed to arrest catastrophic failure in brittle nanomaterials" 

     Extreme Mechanics Letters, 41, 101071, (2020)

35. Dongin Jeong*, Dohyeon Kwon*, Igju Jeon, In Hwan Do, Jungwon Kim, Hansuek Lee 

     “Ultralow-jitter silica microcomb" 

     Optica, 7, 1108, (2020)

     Related article: News & Views, Nature Physics - "Got the quantum jitters" 

34. Ji Eun Bae, Xavier Mateos, Magdalena Aguilo, Francesc Diaz, Javier Rodriguez Vazquez de Aldana, Carolina Romero, Hansuek Lee, Fabian Rotermund

     “Transition of pulsed operation from Q-switching to continuous-wave mode-locking in a Yb:KLuW waveguide laser" 

     Optics Express, 28, 18027 (2020)

33. Eun Yeong Lee*, Yeseul Kim*, Bonhan Koo, Geun Su Noh, Hansuek Lee, Yong Shin

     “A novel nucleic acid amplification system based on nano-gap embedded active disk resonators” 

     Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 320, 128351 (2020)

32. Yeseul Kim, Hansuek Lee

     “Balanced Detection Method Using Optical Affinity Sensors for Quick Measurement of Biomolecule Concentrations” 

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30. Yeseul Kim and Hansuek Lee

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29. Gumin Kang, Molly R. Krogstad, Michael Grayson, Dae-Gon Kim, Hansuek Lee,  Juliet T. Gopinath, and Wounjhang Park

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28. Pascal Del'Haye, Aurelien Coillet, Tara Fortier, Katja Beha, Daniel C. Cole, Ki Youl Yang, Hansuek Lee,  Kerry Vahala, Scott B. Papp, and Scott A. Diddams

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     Nature Photonics 10, 516 (2016)

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